Rete Media launches

Rete Media is excited to unveil our newest digital brand and website,

This newest endeavor comes as a direct result of the incredible growth in pageviews, social media followers, and overall engagement we’ve experienced at RomaPress.

RP has grown exponentially throughout the previous eighteen months thanks to our incredibly dedicated and passionate audience.

During this period we’d often receive unsolicited feedback encouraging us to expand and begin publishing content covering the entirety of Serie A.

After carefully studying and analysing Google Analytics and Google Trends data from 2019 to 2021, it became clear to us there was an increasing appetite for more content dedicated to Italy’s top flight.

As a result we commenced planning of ItalianFootball24 in the summer of 2022. Our vision was a modern, no frills, aesthetically pleasing website that’s simple to navigate, particularly on mobile.

Following four months of content structure and wireframe development, officially went live on December 30th in late 2022.

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